Pioneer Press: Bachmann, Clark in first-time toe-to-toe

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann and Democratic challenger Tarryl Clark will share the stage for the first time today in St. Cloud in the race to see who will represent Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District.

That may seem odd with just a week to go until Election Day, but the limited contact between the two, as well as their bare-knuckle, nearly ubiquitous ad war, only serves to heighten the anticipation heading into today’s event, as well as two more debates to follow.

Minnesota Daily: Re-elect Ellison for 5th

Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District encompasses an extraordinary diversity of citizens. Minneapolis and its immediate suburbs contain some of the state’s richest and poorest people, many invaluable communities of immigrants and refugees, a number of religious traditions, and several institutions of higher learning, including the University of Minnesota. Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison has been and continues to be the right candidate to champion the interests of this unique district in the House of Representatives.

Sheboygan Press: Letters: Feingold stands up for Wisconsin workers

You know both of the candidates for U.S. Senator know that government does not create jobs. But one of the candidates knows how to fight to retain jobs and get the private sector to create jobs.

That candidate is current Sen. Russ Feingold. He stood up for the Wisconsin worker by opposing trade agreements like NAFTA and opposing future trade agreements like the New Zealand agriculture trade.

Worthington Daily Globe: Letter: Walz has ability to rise above partisanship

This weekend, Republican former Gov. Arnie Carlson crossed party lines to endorse Tim Walz for Congress.

In his endorsement speech, Gov. Carlson said many good things about Congressman Walz. But what struck me was Carlson’s emphasis on the need for leaders who can rise above partisanship and short-term pressures and put our nation’s long-term interests first — leaders like Tim Walz. Gov. Carlson accurately described Tim Walz as a man of honesty and integrity, a man who works hard to understand the issues facing our nation and one of the most outstanding leaders that Minnesota has.

The Keene Sentinel: SENTINEL EDITORIAL: Paul Hodes for U.S. Senate

Republican Kelly Ayotte’s is running a disarming U.S. Senate campaign. She’s a very pleasant person with an effective television demeanor. That said, it would be unfortunate if her campaign charm were to distract voters from the more brittle aspects of her political philosophy. Ayotte is seeking a six-year job that would put her in a position to affect all of our lives.

Kitsap Sun: For Congress, Vote Patty Murray, Norm Dicks and James Watkins

Locally and nationally, much hangs in the balance in the Nov. 2 congressional elections. State by state and district by district, voters will be weighing national issues — the economy, the deficit, health care, bailouts, stimulus — along with the benefits they’ve received through the efforts of those representing them in Congress.

Our editorial board has been weighing those same issues, which often conflict with another, and it’s reflected in our mixed bag of congressional endorsements. We’re endorsing the re-election of Democrats Sen. Patty Murray and Sixth Dist. Rep. Norm Dicks, and the election of First Dist. Republican challenger James Watkins.

The Colorado Independent: Bennet celebrates Dem-backed small business legislation

DENVER– At InterTech‘s spanking clean plastic molding factory in an industrial park near the airport here, Sen. Michael Bennet and Intertech President Noel Ginsburg celebrated the effects of small business legislation supported by Congressional Democrats and signed into law by the President at the end of September.

Ginsburg pointed to $850,000 worth of new machinery he acquired with cash available through tax savings. He said he was able to win new work for his roughly 85 employees and rehire workers laid off last year.

News Net 5: Democrat Lee Fisher talks about hometown roots, keeping jobs in U.S. and creating change in Senate

Lee Fisher is a familiar face in Northeastern Ohio. After several years practicing law, the Shaker Heights native jumped into politics.

“My lifelong dream was to run for public office,” he told residents of Menorah Park in Cleveland earlier this week.

York Daily Record: Letter to the Editor: Sestak a true leader

In this crucial election, Pennsylvanians have a clear choice: choose a senator whose policy is “give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and maybe they will hire a few people” or vote for a man of honor and patriotism whose commitment to the American middle class has been consistent.

TPM: Sestak Joins Pledge To Oppose Social Security Cuts

Senate candidate Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) is the latest to join the progressive petition opposing any cuts to Social Security.